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Successful graduates are our pride!


Nevada Career Institute is dedicated to helping establish our graduates in their career field. Professionals know our graduates are well-trained, qualified, and competent to perform at the highest level.

Graduating successful students is our driving goal. To achieve this goal, NCI maintains an active Placement Assistance Program for all qualified graduates. From orientation to the day you graduate, Nevada Career Institute is there for our students every step of the way.

Nevada Career Institute is committed to helping graduates in their job search and NCI maintains a roster of local employers, including health care practices, hospitals, and clinics who have hired our graduates. In addition, Nevada Career Institute is known within the community and contacted by professionals to provide our well-trained, qualified graduates for employment consideration.


To learn more about how Nevada Career Institute can provide you with the skills you need to begin your new career, call 702-209-0030 or contact us via email us at admissions@success.edu.