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Christina C.

I like to be around people and like to help others so the medical field is the best for me. I’m really proud of myself and I’m happy with my career.

Cynthia M.

My future looks hopeful. My future looks independent. My future looks secure because I know that I have skills that can carry me anywhere.

Denise S.

Since graduation, I have worked in all aspects of the medical field from family practice to sleep disorders. I make great money, and my life is very full! Thanks NCI and thanks Mrs. K!

Jamielee C.

I attended NCI all through my pregnancy. I gave birth and two weeks later went back morning and night classes to catch up. I graduated in November 2009 and have been employed with one of the largest Ob/Gyn companies since January 2010... I'm almost at my two year anniversary with Women's specialty care!!

Michele Anne S.

I love my new job working in a pain management practice. Thanks to Nevada Career Institute and especially Mrs. Blais, I am finally able to have the career that I want. I learned so much taking the medical office specialist program and the career services helped me land the job of my dreams. I feel confident about my abilities and skills that I learned from school. Brighter horizons are all I see thanks to Nevada Career Institute.

Nikole L.

I currently work at the University of California at Riverside at the health center as a medical assistant. Before I worked at UCR, I worked with a urologist for many years. I have also worked with a pediatric group right out of school, which is where I completed my internship.

Jen L.

This school has a great Surgical Tech program with some amazing instructors (Dr. V & Anne Marie). Both instructors are super helpful and always willing to take that extra step to help all students out/succeed. I am proud to say that I will be a graduate from NCI!

Lei C.

Amazing school...My experience here was great from beginning to end. When they say they are there for u forevers yes they are...I lost my job about a month ago my teacher Ms.Marie called me right away and told me they were gonna help me which they did. So I  went down to the school updated my resume handed it to Erin in Career services who is so awesome. She always kept in touch to see if any jobs contacted me and how did my interviews go also she  kept spending her time sending my resumes out.well after 1 month I got a job Big thanks to Erin ...So when it comes to your education and future career NCI does care and will help you reach your goals.

Myndie T.

I have nothing but good things to say about this school. School can only be what you make out of it. If you apply yourself, you get what you need to be successful.  If you don't then maybe you should have looked at yourself in the mirror a little more closely and evaluate why you went to school in the first place. Grades and education are not going to be handed to you. The Instructors, Campus Director, and Career Services are extremely helpful in making sure that you get out of the program what you need to, to be successful. My Instructor, Miss Lisa Marie, is very knowledgeable, helpful, and she makes learning the Medical Office field fun. They all work together to bring the best learning experience possible. I have nothing but respect and admiration for this school and the people that work here that make changing your life possible. Much love!!!